Kristen Pierce has had a love/hate relationship with acting since she was 8 years old, as she enviously watched Dakota Fanning dance around the big screen in Uptown Girls, thinking “I could do that. That should be me.” (Rather presumptuously, might we add, as Dakota Fanning crushed that role.)

Enough was enough, Kristen realized. She would limit herself to directing her younger brothers in their living room productions for no longer. She had the bug, and she needed to do something about it.

She auditioned for her elementary school’s yearly Dinner Theatre and although she did not land the lead role as she expected, the part of southern belle Luzianne was enough to satisfy the itch. After months of rehearsing, opening night arrived. Monologue-ing in a faux southern accent, under the spotlight, Kristen realized: This was it. This was her destiny.

But, what does one do when they realize their destiny sucks and it makes them uncomfortable and they hate it? Kristen contemplated this as she left her first acting class in tears a few months later. It turned out acting was not just pretending to be fun, sassy characters while an audience stared at you adoringly – according to this class, acting was all about crawling on the ground, pretending to be sad cows, then happy puppies and excited chickens. It was weird, y’all.

With a shattered worldview, Kristen took a 10 year hiatus from acting and pretended to be interested in other things. And while the Dakota Fannings in her life changed (Hilary Duff, the entire cast of Pretty Little Liars, etc., etc.), the green monster in her heart who appears while she’s trying to enjoy film or television never strayed too far.

As she entered her college years, Kristen was perfectly happy pretending she didn’t care about acting at all, thank you very much. She would go to a school by the beach, study psychology and become a therapist or something. Her acceptance to UNC Wilmington brought both immense joy and terror as friends and family alike pointed out to her that Wilmington, North Carolina had a booming film industry and didn’t she remember One Tree Hill was filmed there and wow, she really didn’t know that when she applied, isn’t that a sign?

As much as Kristen likens herself to a rational, logical person, she did feel it was a sign. Begrudgingly, she signed up for acting classes. This time, she did not moo from the floor, but it was just as terrifying. It turns out, the thing she loves the most is also the thing that scares her more than anything else. This was tough to navigate as a child. As a young adult, acting still makes her uncomfortable at times, but she loves pushing through those challenges because nothing else makes her feel quite as alive.

Kristen’s Current Bio

Kristen Pierce is an actress based in the southeastern U.S., who upon being asked what you’ve seen her in, will awkwardly giggle and reply red-faced, “Ummm, nothing major, I’ve mostly done independent films and regional commercials. Do you watch the I.D. channel? Or have you heard of Legends and Lies? Oh, it’s a historical series… uh… well, I was an extra on The Walking Dead.” And although she has never seen the show, this is a good direction to take the conversation, as she prefers to discuss how much make-up it takes to turn a person into a zombie rather than explain the intricacies of pursuing an acting career.

Kristen does some other things, too, because she doesn’t want to give elderly family members heart attacks when they wonder where her income comes from and because she believes the best creatives live well-rounded lives. She’s a marketing professional and small business owner who loves to dance, read, travel, plan for world domination and spend time with her dogs, family and friends. You can check out her IMDB page here and ask her to star in your upcoming live-action Powerpuff Girls film here.