The Weekly Concerns, No. 3 (The City That Never Sleeps)


Last weekend, I was consumed with a very special celebration - my best friend from college is getting married in just a few months! 

We rang in the occasion with a bachelorette party in New York City, beautifully planned by the bride’s wonderful sister. In the City That Never Sleeps, the options for celebrating are beyond endless, so I won’t even begin to make hard-and-fast recommendations. However, here’s a bit of advice to consider when ringing an upcoming nuptial agreement in The Big Apple.

We’ll Start With...

What Not To-Do

  1. First and foremost, do not Uber to a dance club that has recently been shut down for sanitary reasons, finding yourself stranded in a potentially sketchy area in an unfamiliar city wearing attention-grabbing bachelorette party style outfits. Unless you roll with the type of crowd who enjoys having funny memories to laugh on fondly for decades to come, do not accidentally take the bride to dance at an empty (closed) establishment.

  2. If you do happen to find yourself in the situation outlined in item number one, certainly avoid popping into an extremely fancy hotel lobby down the street in search of a clean restroom. The few patrons who are still awake during bachelorette-partying hours will not appreciate the excitement you bring. Like item number one, this is only a do-not-do if you do not wish to laugh about your youthful years amongst your friends in your distant, retired future.

  3. I beg of you, when booking a hotel room in the City that Never Sleeps for a bachelorette party, please alert the hotel representative that you wish to not be roomed next to practicing monks. As my friends and I are actually a pretty quiet bunch as far as celebrating 20-somethings go, I can only assume those who complained about our pre-dinner noise must have been in the middle of a meditation. 

  4. Lastly, if you are claustrophobic or despise other humans, please do not see the stunning, fabulous Camp: Notes on Fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On second thought, in that case, just skip NYC altogether. 

To Definitely Do

  1. Kick your party off at Chelsea Market. We arrived in NYC around 5 p.m., and after unpacking and catching up, this was the perfect place to walk to for a casual dinner. With delicious, affordable options for everyone, a low-key vibe and lots to look at, Chelsea Market is a great place to end a day spent traveling. 

  2. Choose a hotel with breakfast included - starting the day with coffee and chats with girlfriends was a college luxury that I will take full advantage of any opportunity I get. It doesn’t hurt to find a hotel with stunning courtyards you can lounge in together, either.

  3. Visit the Met, and come with a plan. Let the bride muse over the current exhibits and pick two to three must-sees. The area the museum is in is gorgeous, the museum itself is obviously phenomenal and the ancient artifacts and beautiful pieces you admire together will give you plenty to talk about during dinner. We could have roamed here all day, and I actually paused to wonder if anyone has ever spent days combing through every single thing at The Met - I wonder how long it would take. (And as the Camp exhibit actually closes September 8, I regret to inform you that I only wrote bad things about it above because I felt bad I couldn’t tell you to go see it. It is amazing.)

  4. Have a fancy dinner together. Buy a fancy drink. Leave suburbia for a weekend and pretend to be high-class ladies who brunch on Tuesdays, tennis in the afternoons and would never consume powdered coffee creamer. 

  5. Start making an effort now to surround yourself with encouraging, supportive friends who share your values. That way, when you’re celebrating special milestones in life, you will feel so loved that it won’t matter if you’re in a beautiful museum, a jam-packed car, Times Square or stranded outside of a shutdown dance club - these won’t be the thing. The people you’re in the places with will be the thing.